Ever since I was a kid, I've loved reading.

There was this book my parents used to teach me how to read called: "How to Read in a 100 Easy Lessons"

I learned how to read by the 70th - but only because I didn't understand how "said" wasn't pronounced sah-eed or sah-ihd. So confusing.

My first books were scientific in nature. Books on chemistry (a book on Sulfur that propelled me from the kids section to the "adult" section of the library), my mother's geology textbook from college, and books on space.

After several years of heavy reading into all of science and physics my little brain could muster, my mother finally made me read some fiction. Then, I proceeded to read every fiction book possible that wasn't about middle romance.

The Tween and Teen Years

Three years.

That's how long I was addicted to sci-fi series. I read. Every. Single. Star Wars. Book. ABY. (After the Battle of Yavin 4, or Episode IV of Star Wars).

It was pretty sad to read about Chewbacca being crushed by a falling moon was heartbreaking. Sure made "The Force Awakens" a lot less painful.

I got my very own library card. I quickly learned 100 books was sadly the limit. I became very good at lugging those stacks home from the library. I think I tore a few bags too.

But during this time, I started to starve intellectually. I became hungry for books. I was so desperate, I even read the "Left Behind Series." I read the Harry Potter series in a week. (only because I took breaks, had to sleep, did other things, etc) I started pulling random books off the shelf in the teen section, finding them to be absolute trash - because a lot of authors just want to make a quick buck; and silly love stories with teen drama in a dystopian setting won't cut it.

I started to venture away from my beloved science books too - linguistics called my name, then mathematics. Politics, sociology, and economics became much more interesting.

Then school came. Once a homeschooler, then half in the home and half in college. I was doomed. I couldn't keep up with reading like I once did. I went from 50-60 a week, to maybe 5-10 per month?


I am now basically out of high school. As I type this, I am on my last six months of my super-senior year of high school, still competing one last time in Speech and Debate (without the debate).

This is my current life now. Work, to feed myself and to make sure my car gets from point A to point B - and to fund endeavors like JVL and blacksmithing in my shed.

Now with Joey VS the Library, I can now read to my heart's content, and have you as my captive audience.

Thanks for reading. I hope that my love for books has inspired you to pick up one yourself and maybe even listen to my podcast one of these days.

Soli Deo Gloria